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Danny Phantom
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Right now, DPLJ as I like to call it is the ULTIMATE resource for Danny Phantom. I intend to, in the future, have several different sections where you can find a multitude of DP information and such. There will be a website.

ANYTHING can be posted here, whether it be fanart, fanfics, discussions, or just your love of the show. I do NOT allow flaming, of any kind. That instigates a ban. Also, if you make a post to this community that may contain information controversial in nature, please make it Friends Only. Thanks!

"Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's... Danny Phantom."

Remember, not seeing IS believing. :3


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Remember, if you're going to post, please make sure you have your e-mail notifications switched to the "on" position. This way, if you post something you shouldn't, a moderator can comment on your post and delete it immediately, knowing you'll have received a comment notification from LiveJournal containing the reasons for deletion.

Addition by cheriewolf: We have a master list of folks willing to beta (edit) fan fiction here, so if you'd like to become an editor, please comment on that entry with the following information:

Fandoms (other than Danny Phantom for crossovers, etc):
Ship preference:
Rating preference:
Genre preference:
Time constraints:


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