fortunecooky (fortunecooky) wrote in dannyphantom,

Nicktoons have ruined usurped my life and therefore I want to RP Danny Phantom, as Danny. I will play against canon characters or OCs. If anyone wants to maybe get a Danny Phantom canon RP (that allows OCs) together, I would be highly interested in this, and willing to set up the community myself.

Mostly, I'd be interested in a more adult version of it that incorporates more issues teens can deal with and get away from the Y7 setting in general. Not that I expect it to hit NC-17, but R is good!

If we do start an RP, I'll have the villains either mod-controlled or character-controlled by really awesome RPers who will make strife so people actually have things to do, and in addition to help everyone else get in on ghost-fighting, Desiree and Vlad will be bestowing ghost powers (temporarily) and ghost hunting equipment (permanently) on people. It might also be cool to let players cover the smaller villains while the mods control the big baddies, as long as the villain characters run plots every so often.

For now, if you're 18+ and a loser like me who watches and enjoys Nicktoons, I'll take anyone. :D

I RP over AIM, please PM for my screenname.

And uh, no sues, please.
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