LollingDreamer (lollingdreamer) wrote in dannyphantom,

Have some more Danny and Vlad!

The small star in the last panel is a inside joke between me and my friend. Vlad is so tall compared to Danny that he cracked his neck while trying to reach to hug him back. lol. I just have to leave the small star where it is because... it's hilarious... no other reason.

So I decided to color this drawing too...
Also, I colored this so I could test out the new drawing program that I got on my laptop... I still don't get GIMP... I bet that I will elarn to use it eventually, but right now... I don't. Sorry if the picture's coloring and stuff suck... Vlad's jacked for one jsut absolutely REFUSED to come up right thanks to GIMP and it's wird system that I haven't got a hang of YET.
I'm used to using but my vista absolutely REFUSED to install the program so... I warn you: My future drawings will be crap untill I either learn to use GIMP or get my darn laptop to install the without complaining about error 1603...

Well, anyways, have some Danny Vlad cuteness!
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